Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Stand for your right

                       Stand for what you feel is right

Life is a journey where you meet with lot of people and come across various situations. But all of us do not think in the same way and obviously do not have same point of view. That’s fine it’s not always necessary, as you cannot force you thoughts on others in the same way do not be a follower of such thing which you do not belief but sometimes you force yourself just because crowd follows it. Just give it a second thought about it. Because most of the time you tend to follow other’s opinion rather than giving it yours. Everyone has their own belief and unlike others you too have your own. So why not stand for what you believe.

Situation makes a human either strong or weak. People might judge you or even tell you to compromise in every situations but if you feel that it’s not right or may be your inner belief does not support you in those situation than listen to your inner voice 
what it says because it knows you better than anyone else in this world, possibly it wants to tell you something. And in any circumstances if you go with your belief you will never be wrong, it might happen others might think you are not correct but always remember

                                    You cannot please everyone.

Standing for yourself or for what you think is right is of no harm, in case  you listen to others and do what other say  if things go wrong in future nobody will be there to mend it. You need to face it. And to be frank nobody should be blamed rather than you. Understand this not everyone knows your situation only you know it so you should be the best person to judge. Because giving suggestions are always easy but following is difficult.

There will be hypothetical situations in life in those you have to act accordingly do not do things which is against your believe in that way you contradict your own thought. For eg.. If you think all children should be treated equally but you do not love kids who stays in orphan in that case you are not following what you say. So do what you say and let people know about it. Because there are very few people who want to go that extra mile and wants to bring a change and if you are one among them you should be proud.

Very important analyze the situation and think about as many times you can tried to find a solution to it and I am sure you will get it. Because as we know
                                  Every problem has a solution.
Never ever think you are alone right people do not need supporters to justify their thoughts neither they force their ideas on others, they just put forward their opinion and respect others as well. Every person has right to put forward their opinions. Just because you are at one side of the fence and everyone else is on the other side it does not means you are wrong it just mean you think differently.

So always stand for what you think is right. Do not just follow the crowd. Put forward your opinion. And always listen to your inner voice.

Keep that smile alive.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Keep yourself Focussed

I always look at the sky and think it’s too far but beautiful,
Then I thought about my dream.
Which is again far though beautiful?
Then a voice came within nothing is impossible,
Neither reaching the sky nor fulfilling the dreams.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Things you want to before you die

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