Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fight your own battle

When things go wrong in life,
When it’s difficult to fight.

When everyone says that you are not right,

Always remember nobody knows you better than your soul inside.

Try to find out what went wrong is it you or the time,
Do not expect others will understand.

Remember it’s your fight,

Longer it takes deeper it hurts.
Sooner it ends gives an ultimate gain.

Quote of the day

Start believing in yourself and the world will follow you.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Face Challenges and keep going ahead in life.

When I used to paid attention to whatever was told to me,
I was left unhappy and unreal which no one could see.

I could understand an inner feeling which was trying hard to tell me,

That thinking about those I myself was giving importance to them,

And the day I started ignoring thing,
Life was a little change for me.

That change gave me so much strength,
Which helped me to open the lock of life without a key.